The Decatur, TX Real IMPACT Team

Pam Cleary, owner of Cleary Realty, LLC, is a seasoned and versatile Real Estate broker.  She currently resides in Boyd, Texas, on her family farm, where she continues to sell real estate, manage rentals & an RV Park, while still buying/rehabbing & selling investment properties.

In 1998, Pam obtained her real estate license and began her career with Henry S. Miller, where she quickly earned Rookie of the Year.  Thereafter, Pam joined Coldwell Banker.  Within the next three years, she became one of the top listing agents and was featured in D Magazine for having the top listings in North Richland Hills.  Pam became a Real Estate Broker in 2009, and formed her own company now known as Cleary Realty, LLC.  Pam decided in 2011 to take her career to another level by teaming up with an Investor named George Roddy.  For the next two years they acquired foreclosures throughout the DFW Metroplex.  Pam gained experience in locating prime underpriced properties, rehabbing, and selling for profit.  This is where she got her start wanting to become not only a real estate investor but, an entrepreneur in real estate. By 2013, Pam had begun to venture out on her own.  She became experienced in locating investors, making her own investment deals, creating the best rehab teams by being hands on during the rehab, as well as locating properties to offer investors and negotiating her own terms. Her experience also included major rehabs on single family homes for clients as well as reconstructing her family RV Park in Fort Worth. During this period, Pam decided to take it up one more notch and look towards not only her immediate future but her retirement.  She began obtaining properties not for resale profit but long-term rentals, thus ensuring her with steady monthly retirement income. 

Pam believes her communication and negotiating skills came from teaching, prior to her career in real estate.  Pam earned her bachelor’s degree from East Texas State University in Commerce, TX.  She taught high school girls’ basketball, American History and Home Economics for fifteen years.  As a coach, Pam was known for taking the basketball program from “nothing to winners”. She has learned to apply this vision to her real estate career which she hopes to share with you today.

Pam’s motto to her team was “YOU can do this. If you have a dream, if you listen, learn and continually practice, then you will play like you practice and you will WIN but first you must have the desire to learn, the dream to accomplish, your plan to get there and you will ultimately WIN.  She believes this same philosophy applies to real estate agents and investors.  Pam has teamed up with Impact Training thru Dennis Henson, her mentor and trainer, to teach you the art of investments which she feels will take you to your next career move if you so desire.